Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have men or women specific apparel?

Our kits have been specially designed to be unisex fit and will comfortably fit ladies and gents as per size chart.

What is the quality of your chamois used and how long can your comfortably cycle in your kit?

We only use 9D full gel chamois by Coolmax ® and our kits are designed to comfortably support your ride for 4-5 hours in the saddle. They are also recommended for multi day / stage race use at the indicated time frames.

How long does it take?

1. First we have to finalize your design which can take anything from a few days up to 4 weeks.
2. Once approved; manufacturing and delivery takes 5 to 6 weeks.

Can we assist with a design?

For sure! We have some very nice templates to pick your brain. Your problem would be choosing which one is the nicest! And of course your own template / layout is also a great start.

How do I know what size to select for my kit?
  1. Easiest is to work of our size chart which we supply you
  2. If still in doubt, we help advise your size. We know our kit fitment and sizing, so we have a great record for pairing our kits on your build
  3. We can ship sample kits to you (you pay a fully refundable deposit and courier fee for return courier). Might sound like admin, but we take care of all of the admin and couriers in such case.
Does more printing or colours imply more costs per kit?

No, all included. Go crazy with your layout.

How do I get my kits where ever I am based?

We courier door to door via registered couriers. And we arrange on your behalf.

Can I get any discount?

For once off kits, unfortunately not. For repetitive orders or very large order quantities we might be able to allow some discount depending on the specifics. Get in touch with us.

How does the payment work?

We require a 60% deposit to start the design and manufacturing. Balance payable after completion of kits, prior to shipping.

What order quantities works best?

Any order quantities can be executed. From 1 or 2 kits for team events up to multiple kits. However, we find that batches of 5 to 20 works great and becomes a cost optimized solution.

Can sample kits be supplied of the custom kit I intend to order?

Most definitely. We recommend this for larger quantity orders should you have the time to wait for a sample kit. Sample kits are subject to the same delivery timeframes and pricing structure.

Can winter clothing also be offered?

Yes. Both long sleeves shirts or suspender type bibs can be offered. Get in touch with us for pricing.

Can you design and supply custom kits for our event?

Yes definitely. Our kits are ideal for corporate events, races or similar events as branded kits.